A Good Thing is Coming

It will also be a little out of the classic tourist routes of the West Coast , but Seattle , with its charm of a fresh contemporary city surrounded by beautiful nature, would be able to convince anyone who decides to reach it, even if the climatic conditions are not always favorable for the purpose of a comfortable visit: we are in the remote and cold American Northwest , in the state of Washington, just under 150 miles from the border with Canada; the hottest month is July, which barely reaches 25 degrees as the maximum temperature, settling on an average of 18-19 degrees.
The climate is slightly mitigated by the presence of the sea and the lake: the city is located in a strip of land between Washington Lake and Puget Sound Bay, that channels the waters of the Pacific into a complex of branches and inlets that reach as far as to touch the coast of Olympia, the capital of Washington.
Seattle is also called Emerald City, due to the presence of lush green areas scattered throughout the urban area, but is best known for its futuristic skyline, characterized by the presence of the sci-fi Space Needle and other incredible buildings and skyscrapers. Not only … Seattle is the home of Starbucks and Microsoft,
a natural habitat for intellectuals and artists, saw the birth of the first grunge groups and lent some locations to a cult TV series like Twin Peaks . In short, as we will see, the places of interest and attractions are numerous in Seattle.What to see, then? In this article we want to give you a brief but complete overview of what to see in the city, giving you also some advice that is a little out of the box, if your stay is a little longer than expected and you have finished visiting the main attractions .