Gold Price Set To Take Off To Avoid Trudeau’s Thievery

Investors in gold know to stay away from countries with tyrannical leaders, but that is getting harder than ever as every country embraces authoritarianism.

As the commodity bull cycle wakes up and the gold price action starts rising, both novice and experienced investors have to be cautious with where they keep their gold and silver.

As we have recently seen, Canada is no friend to private assets, and money and capital have started to flee the country at a breath-taking pace.

Justin Trudeau, the puppet of Klaus Schwab, has gone full dictator and released a mandate that gave him unlimited power to punish the innocent folks who took part, or supported in any way, the Freedom Convoy of truckers.

Many argue that the Emergency Powers should have gone to the Canadian judicial system as if a court saying it is ok to steal and murder makes it any better.

Trudeau took the opportunity to steal many bank accounts and the maniac even went as far as canceling the trucker’s insurance.

That last one is impressive for its originality in cruelty. The Emergency Act, like many crimes by the state, is being used to smash protesters that do not like his insane policies.

You need to watch out for Canada’s penchant for stealing assets. This is the new normal. Trudeau does not care about due process or any of those myths.

He is on board with Klaus Schwab and he was in his Young Global Leaders indoctrination camp. Why is this a bad thing? Well, Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s slogan is “You’ll own nothing, and be happy.”

Well, for gold enthusiasts, that own and have physical possession of their gold, this is a major problem.

Think about Canada’s naked aggression. If they’ll steal money from bank accounts, it is a simple step to seize other assets including stocks, bonds, and precious metals stored at “safe” vaults like Loomis or the Royal Mint of Canada.

How easy would it be to declare some emergency, and they seize all your wealth to replenish the capital that has fled the nation’s accounts due to fiscal mismanagement and criminal behavior?

It is important to know that the WEF’s idea of Stakeholder Capitalism means they need to take away all the assets of the people, so they can dictate how you live.

Many think that Canada is the first western country to venture down this dark but Australia beat them to it.

So what can you do? Well, not only do you need to be concerned about which asset classes you invest in, you need to be aware of which jurisdictions you invest your assets in.

While the United States has many problems, it will be the last of all the countries to fall. And with the various states having various laws, you may have a chance of keeping your wealth.

So from a probability standpoint, investing in the US is a prudent move. That is why it makes a lot of sense to invest with Rosland Capital because you have the relative safety of the laws of U.S. jurisdiction.

The reason why all this madness is happening all around the globe, at the same time, is because, since World War II, all governments have been borrowing money recklessly with no intention of ever paying it back. That works until it doesn’t, and we are not upon the time where that is no longer working.

Instead of paying their debts, they will confiscate, inflate, distract, and cause wars. The governments will never take responsibility for their crimes.

Because gold, silver, and other precious metals, represent no one else liability, the value is there for whoever possesses the metal, you have to make double sure where you store your valuables has a long tradition of respecting the law.

The type of theft that occurred in Canada has a much lower probability of happening in the United States. The reason is because of the structure of the government with States’ rights protecting against Federal laws and mandates.

Investors, speculators, and savers have a bit more peace of mind, or margin of safety, in the USA.

Now for some good news, it’s not all doom and gloom.

For those of you reading this, you are already ahead of the crowd and already own gold and other precious metals.

This is great because, in 1960, gold was almost 5 percent of the world’s investment assets, and today that number is less than 1 percent.

Well, with all the instability in the world today, guess what is going to happen?

What is old, is new again, and a huge demand for gold, silver, and other metals will surge to new heights. The surge has already begun.

During times of crisis, gold has been a lifesaver. It has a 5,000-year track record to prove this. Gold is the only money in history to survive, all other currencies have gone to their intrinsic value of zero.

The Federal Reserve is losing control of interest rates. They have to aggressively raise rates as the financial markets all move below their 200 day moving average.

This has never happened before.

With less than 1% of investors holding gold, no one is prepared for the chaos that is coming.

There have only been 2 other times in history when gold was this cheap compared to the United States money supply, and that was the 1971 low of $35, and again in 2000 of $290 at the start of a decade-long bull run.

The point is, recent events have shown us the global geopolitical environment is spinning out of control. You need an asset you can trust, you need gold. If you already have invested in the yellow metal, great.  

If you have not, now is a good time to start. You have not missed out on some incredible gains. Yes the bull market has started, yes we might be two years in, but the price action is just getting started.  

Plus who cares about the price? You should care about NOT being one of the investors with less than 1% of your portfolio allocated to the world’s most trusted asset class.

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